More Nick Camenares WWII Photos.

Above photos made in late '44 or early '45 in floating drydock

Above: Left; Playing Shore Patrol while others are on R&R, unidentified. Center: Nick Kouloganes, one of 4 "Nick the Greeks" aboard ship. Right: Blankenship, an ex-miner.

Above: Left: Esposito. Center: Camenares. Right: Sleeping compartment ?

Above: Bridge Gang. Top, second from left, K Norman Lambert. Fourth from left, Murel E White. Fifth from left, Robert Burgess. Bottom left, George Lamphier, no other names

Above: Left: George Lamphier. Right: No name

Above: Left: Depth charge, no date. Right: No names.

Above: Full Speed Ahead...remember the vibration?

Above: At sea, no date given