Nick Camenares WWII Photos

Above Left: Rough sea. Right: USS Benham

Above Left: R&R with beer and hamburgers. No names. Right: Some of the Radio gang. Top L to R: Camenares, Blankenship, Hancock, Doonon. Kneeling L to R: Thomas, John Shaw, Treblecock.

Left: Ships record near end of war, Clarence Duff. Right: USS Missouri taken the day of the signing of the surrender by the Japanese.

Left: Saipan late '44. third from left, Camenares. No other names. Right: Second from left, Marvin Ehlin. No other names

Above: Ship's mascot "Ladybug", missing after typhoon after the end of the war.

Above; Left and center:Camenares in Tokyo in Sept '45. Right: First liberty in 15 months at Yokosuka, Japan. Center is Camenares. Others are unidentified

Above: Left: right front, Esposito. Center: Camenares copying "fox". Right: L to R, Sheehan, Blankenship.