Photos from Fred K. Hefferty 1951-52

Below Photo is swim call in the mediteranean in 1952. L. to R. Cain, Harper, Hefferly, Sharpe, Hopkins and Harrell.


Below: Diving in front is Hefferly. L. to R. Sharpe, Harper, Harrell, Cain, Hopkins.


Sleeping Compartment. R. Hopkins, Sharpe, Unknown, Unknown, Hefferly.

sleeping comp.

Below L. to R. Hefferly, Sharpe.

Fred & John

Below facing camera, R. Sylvester, Sharpe.


Below, in the Med. Front L. to R. Unknown, Farr, Sylvester, Pelton. Next row L. to R. Cain, Sharpe, Henry, Unk. No others identified.


Below L. to R. Sharpe, Henry.


Below L. to R. Hefferly, Sharpe, July 1999.

Fred & John