The materials for the following pages were submitted by Capt. Allen P Cook Jr USN Ret who was assigned to the Benham during the reactivation period and assumed command when she was commissioned. The newspaper articles were written by reporter David Bongard, Lt USNR, for the "Long Beach Daily News". Lt Bongard also did his two week active duty period aboard the Benham during our shakedown at San Diego. Most of these pages are going to take several minutes to download, but they are certainly worth the wait.

The below photo is of course the beginning, so let us get underway.......

Reactivation continues

Below are two photos of the Benham. The top one is in San Diego after recommission in 1951. The bottom one is in Newport, RI which was our home port and was made in 1952 after modernization in the Boston Navy Shipyard.

While in Iceland enroute to Europe early in 1952 Benham and Noa attempted to circumnavigate Iceland, Benham going clockwise and Noa counter clockwise. Both were forced to cancel by ice and bad weather. The below pictures were made on that trip.

This completes the viewing of the Benham recommissioning as reported in the news media and remembered by many of her crew. Our thanks to Capt Cook for sharing these memories with us.